Band receives top ratings in Abilene

The Alpine Fightin’ Buck Band performs in Abilene. 

Congratulations are in order for the Alpine Fightin’ Buck Band after a victory at the Regional Marching Contest in Abilene on Nov. 7, where they received top ratings from all the judges.

"It was an incredible experience for us," said Band Director Chuck Wilson. 

There were many obstacles to overcome this year. Because of the coronavirus, the band could not start marching until Sept. 7, an entire month later than usual. And this fall school was closed for a week, and many kids were quarantined at various times. In fact, just last week in preparation for this contest, the band had several students quarantined.

In spite of it all, the students kept working and improving, even from home.

"The whole experience has been humbling for me," said Wilson. "They are quite an impressive and resilient group."

Football cancellations have also affected the Band tremendously. The students look forward to these performances to play music and hone their skills. Without them, it's tough to play at a high level.

The Band works very hard at what it does.

"We also laugh a lot," Wilson said, which could be surprising for some people to hear. "Working to be as musical as possible and enjoying the moments is part of what sets us apart."

This Buck Band program has advanced to the state level for the last 18 years through different groups, including Concert, All Region, Solo, and Ensemble.

"Our plan is to continue that trend," said Wilson.

The next contest will be Saturday, Nov. 14, at the Shotwell Stadium in Abilene at 2 p.m.

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