Running for the Cowboys

Alpine o6 Cowboys players cheer on the dedicated runners at last year’s Home Run 5K. 

The Alpine o6 Cowboys Home Run 5K will take on special meaning this year, as the traditional summer fundraiser for the 2019 Pecos League Champions will take place with one significant change - no Cowboys baseball game to attend after the race is over.

The Home Run 5K, now in its sixth year, will take place Saturday, June 20 at 8 a.m. starting outside Kokernot baseball stadium in Alpine. Runners will line up in front of the stadium, pay their entry fee, and pick up a custom-made ceramic medal from Alpine artist Pauline Hernandez. Secretary and Cowboys Board of Directors member Katie Hector was excited to announce this year’s fundraiser, a continuation of last year’s paver brick project that benefits the beautification of Kokernot Field.

“The customized medal will represent the season that never happened. We will miss baseball and our amazing fans this summer, and they are welcome to join us, and run for the love of baseball,” Hector said.

Runners partake in a healthy outing, while keeping the spirit of baseball alive in Alpine, despite what the coronavirus has done to thwart the Cowboys’ season.

We just wanted to keep the spirit of baseball as much as we could, and keep people safe without a huge gathering. It’s beyond our control, so this is the best we can do to work with what we have,” said Hector.

There’s no official route this year, and runners are free to travel last year’s 3.1-mile route or one of their own choosing. With a rolling start, runners are free to start any time between 8-11 a.m. This flexibility allows participants to start at a time that best suits them, all while maintaining social distancing standards throughout the race.

As a courtesy and appreciation for the dedicated runners, there will be a water station at mile two of last year’s route, courtesy of Bob and Lucy Ward of Morrison True Value.

Hector is expecting 20-30 runners so far, although many don’t sign up until race day.

The Cowboys organization hopes fundraiser will hit it out of the ballpark, allowing fans and runners to contribute something for the love of the game.

Said Hector, “We decided to do it because we really miss baseball, and are going to miss the fans and being out in Kokernot Field. So this is our way of saying we miss you this year.”

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