Leroy Lara “Roy” Granado

Leroy Lara “Roy” Granado was born on Nov. 6, 1963, in Alpine, Texas. Leroy grew up in Fort Davis, Texas, where he loved the country life.

After meeting the love of his life in Valentine, Texas, Diana Melendez Granado and Leroy got married on Nov. 3, 1990, in Marfa, Texas. They spent their marriage in Alpine while raising their son, Leroy Alejandro Granado.

While working various ranch, cooking, and handyman jobs around the area, Leroy still had time to chase after his son, his four grandkids, Cataleya and Zariyanna of El Paso, Texas, and Zoey and Jason of Dublin, Texas, and be a social butterfly.

He always had time to sit down for a cup of coffee, talk with strangers, or visit those he already knew, even in other towns. Sometimes he would try to make you mad just to get you to laugh and forget about what was stressing you that day. He was not always the most educated man, but his memory and work ethic were like no other. He was the person you would call whenever you needed strength and muscles. Roy was not afraid of anything. He would always try and help people out, especially the elderly.

He loved a family gathering, and a chance to cook, a chance to enjoy the music while dancing and singing ridiculously to make you laugh and have a good time, and a chance to enjoy an evening cruise with his wife, son, family member or friend.

Unfortunately, it was hard towards the end for him to be himself, and to be the person who was always there to help rather then be the one who needed taken care of. During his last days, he saw those he loved, thanked those he felt he needed to thank, and ask for favors to enjoy his last breaths.

While the music was playing on the radio, he would sit down with you and stare at the beautiful scenery of the mountains and sky. His Catholic faith continued strong while telling those he loved that “he is still alive.”

He became an angel of God, and entered the gates of heaven on March 31, 2020.