Alpine writer celebrates achievement

Alpine writer Robbie Burns holds the book that features her own true story. 


The journey through life often involves not only triumphs and achievements, but challenges and obstacles along the way. For Alpine native Robbie Burns, writing her inspirational story and sharing it with the world has given her both a sense of accomplishment and an opportunity to provide readers with hope and encouragement.

Burns is delighted by her recent accomplishment - having her own unique story, “Life’s Blossoms,” published in a special women’s anthology of personal memoirs. The memoirs are designed to tell a story that provides a personal look into the struggles and joys people encounter throughout their lives.

Burns has kept journals since she was 12 years old, and credits her grandfather, Harris S. Smith, for passing down the gift of writing. Smith also wrote stories and poems that are kept at the Archives of the Big Bend in Alpine. He was also part owner at the Buena Suerte mine, a World War II era mercury mine north of Lajitas.

“He liked to write,” said Burns of her grandfather. “I guess that’s where I get it, but I didn’t discover this until after he passed away.”

Burns attended Sul Ross State University, then joined Texas Mountain Trail Writers, a group of like-minded authors who get together for camaraderie and to share information and ideas on writing and getting published.

The anthology, available on Amazon, is titled “Kaleidoscope, Reflections on Women’s Journeys, and in My Shoes.” Burns’ story, “Life’s Blossoms,” is about the journey experienced through her husband Dale’s cancer as he undergoes chemotherapy at West Texas Oncology. Burns felt her own personal experience was an inspiration as she witnessed her loved one facing this obstacle, and it might provide a sense of comfort to others dealing with the same situation.

“I wrote of when we first entered the chemo treatment center, what we were expecting,” explained Burns. “You think of medical facilities as sterile, cold, impersonal, places, and I wanted to reflect that it’s not. The comfort that is brought to the patient is amazing, and I think they do a fantastic job of helping calm the fears of patients going through treatment.”

Burns is thrilled to share her achievement with others from the small, close-knit Texas Mountain Trail Writers, and added, “When someone accomplishes having something published, we celebrate it! This year has been a good year for me. I’ve been blessed.”

Burns’ creativity and lifelong love of writing enabled her to reach her dream and fulfill her goals. She found unique inspiration in the journey she experienced with Dale. The situation also stirred up emotion, as she looked back at her personal story as told through the lens of the cancer treatment center.

“My husband is one of Life’s Blossoms. All who enter this room don’t win the battle, and those who do are life’s blossoms, and my husband was one of them,” she said.

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